These are PRINTABLE Versions. To read the content of these zines, follow the homepage or Links attached to the zine.

Let’s Break Their Haughty Power:

Journal of Communist Theory and Practice for the Portland Area and abroad


Lets Break Their Haughty Power – Volume 1

Leap Struggle – International Report on Class Struggle in the Month of February


Lets Break Their Haughty Power – Volume 2

Casanova Printing:

Is the educational arm of the Autonomous Workers group. We print pamphelts and other goodies that are not written by AWG writers. Some of our zines can be found in their printable form below:

Wage System and Communism – Peter Kropotkin
Online Link

Lenin as a Philosopher – A critique of Bolshevism by Anton Pannekoek
Online Link

Anarchism and Anarcho – Syndicalism – an essential read of class -struggle anarchism
Online Link

Leninism Vs Marxism – Rosa Luxemburg and Paul Mattick
Online Link

Anarchist Morality – Kropotkin on Anarchism’s Philosophy, Morals and Ideals
Online Link

When Insurrections Die – Gilles Dauve on the Spanish, German and Russian Revolutions
Online Link

Bordiga versus Pannekoek – a pamphlet examining the communist left
Online Link


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