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The Boom and Bust of Class Struggle

Perspectives on the Occupy Movement from September – F. 29 Boom and Bust. It’s Class Struggle on Crack. One minute you’re at the top. Next minute you’re passed out on the floor. The Occupy Wall Street movement had its origin … Continue reading

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A Party in the Streets

A Commentary and Reportback on the Feb. 29 Demonstration Autonomous Workers’ Group You can label this as just another Liberal Occupy March that identifies only Corporate Influence on Government and not Capitalism as a broader disease on society, or you … Continue reading

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Leap Struggle – An International Report of Class Struggle from Chicago, to Spain, to China

European Trade Union Confederation “Day of Action” – F.29 Autonomous Workers’ Group In early February, The European Trade Union Confederation called for Direct Actions to occur all over the Eurozone in protest of the austerity measures planned by the EU … Continue reading

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