A moment of Openness

We are Communists. We are against capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, heterosexism, imperialism, ableism and the state.  We recognize the historical truths of Anarchism and Marxism, while also recognizing their limits. We are anti – oppression, anti – authority and anti – hierarchy. We fight for Autonomous thinking and action. We stand for the self-organization of the Proletarian Class. The Proletariat, broadly defined as those who rely overwhelmingly on waged work, debt, or ‘social security’ payments to get by or are otherwise propertyless – students, homeless, etc. We fight for a democratic self – managed society in harmony with the earth and with its animals, based on common ownership of the means of production and distribution. We are Internationalist and support no movements for National Liberation understanding that such a movement would only create new bondage for the working person.

We are a Portland based Libertarian Communist Collective dedicated towards advancing Class Struggle in Everyday life towards an Anarchist – Communist end. We consider ourselves in the tradition of  Class Struggle Anarchism and Left-Wing Communism and draw inspiration in our writtings from thinkers like Karl Marx, Peter Kropotkin, Nestor Makhno, Daniel De Leon, Rosa Luxemburg, Rudolf Rocker, Anton Pannekoek, Amadeo Bordiga, CLR James and countless others.

We issue a monthly zine of Communist – Anarchist politics, struggles and tactics in the Portland area called “Let’s Break their Haughty Power”.


3 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Noah says:

    Have you considered joining the IWW?

    Really though, if you want to build solidarity with the wobblies, we are around.


    • Hey Noah,

      We actually dropped some pamphelts on our Monthly International Report on Class Struggle at the Wobbly/PCASC house on Burnside. There is some good stuff in their about the CNT -AIT and the CGT. We are coming out with two new pamphelts soon which we will drop off at the house.



  2. Jeff M Grave says:

    Good list of people in your tradition !

    If you are interested in a free solidarity package of the titles we carry, we would be happy to send em off. You can contact us on the site below.

    Also Zabalaza in South Africa has a ton of great titles in PDF format, you probably already know about them, but just in case:
    zabalazabooks.net (full category of titles is on the left hand side)

    Much solidarity from NW Canada


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