“Let’s Break Their Haughty Power” Volume 2 is out!

March 2012 edition is out! Inside we have reprinted some pieces from our comrades in the Black Orchid Collective and the Black Wave Communist Collective, as well as a piece from labor historian Jeremy Brecher on May Day 2012

PDF: Lets Break Their Haughty Power – Volume 2

Table of Contents:

Autonomous Workers Group:
A Message to Workers: Libertarian Communism

  • Reflections on Class Struggle at the Port
  • Beneath the Pavement
  • Reportback on the “End the Camping Ban” Rally and March
  • Intro to the Portland Solidarity Group
  • Boom and Bust of Class Struggle
  • A Chat with the Portland Solidarity Network

Black Orchid Collective:

  • Intro to BOC
  • Queer Liberation is Class Struggle
  • The Debate on the Left: ISO vs BOC

Black Wave Communist Collective:

  • Practical Platformism

Jeremy Brecher:

  • Occupy May Day: Not your usual General Strike
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