Renouncing Slavery for Dummies — > Intro to libertarian communism

What is Libertarian Communism?

As Rousseau once said, “to renounce liberty is to renounce being human, to surrender the rights of humanity and even its duty” – Capitalism is despotism, domination, exploitation, in a single word: slavery –  the utter renouncement of ones Liberty, ones humanity.

Wage Labor is mearly a name; Wage Slavery is a fact. To those who renounce their slavery and the slavery of humanity, Libertarian Communism is for you.  To those who renounce ecological exploitation, Communism is for you. To those who believe in equality and brotherhood, Communism is for you.

Libertarian and Communism are both historically loaded terms. To understand them together, you must understand them apart.

Libertarianism is a Social Philosophy. Social means society; in sum all of our inter-relations and as such libertarianism is not just bound to a single institution or relationship between people, it is a way of life, a means of interacting with one another bound to every aspect of life. As a Social Philosophy at its core is a rejection coercion, oppression and exploitation. Coercion means to force onto another by forceful or cultural means, compliance and obedience. In such Coercion is the opposite of Liberty. Oppression is the exercise of authority as to restrain and individuals freedom. Exploitation to use an individual as an object, similarly to a mine, to ascertain something for yourself. Libertarianism is often used synonymously with Anarchism – a stateless society. Between Right-Wing Libertarianism (expressed in Ron Paul, Libertarian Party America) and Left-Wing Libertarianism (Expressed in Anarchism and certain trends of Marxism) is the difference between Negative Liberty and Positive Liberty. Right-Wing Libertarians would have a Society where individuals would have a freedom to — exploit, oppress, etc. — whereas the Left-Wing would have a a Society where individuals would have a freedom from — exploitation, oppression, etc.

Communism is a mode of production. To put that in some historical context, Hunter – Gather Societies, Feudalism and Capitalism are all independent modes of production. Unique to Communism is the abolition of Property (a distinction here between personal possessions) and its place, communal ownership of all industries, supermarkets, roads, railways, etc. Accordingly to “Communal “Ownership”, nothing is really owned by anyone, but held in common to one another. As such, in a a communal society, nothing can be bought or sold as nothing is actually owned. In a Communist society, you take as you please from the community and give back accordingly – hence the dictum “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. Marxism and Communism are often used interchangeably with one another, this is wrong, rather Marxism is the study behind the forces of the “Real Movement towards Communism”. The kernel of Communism is a classless society.

Together, Libertarian Communism would mean a radically different world then the one we have today. Together they mean a Stateless, Classless Society under the basis of Freedom, Liberty, Solidarity and Equality for all people and animals. Our desire is to not to turn today’s poor into today’s wealthy. Our desire is not to pull down the present rulers to put new rulers in their place. We want to abolish poverty, domination and exploitation to provide abundance for all. Such a goal is already possible with the productive capabilities at hand and with the knowledge already possessed by mankind. We want production for use and enjoyment, not profit and exploitation. Communities will ascertain what the requirements of the people are in food, clothing, housing, transport, healthcare, education, books, art, theatres – anything and everything the people desire. Generally necessity comes first, and then follows the means of amusement, culture, leisure, etc. We want control of the workplace by workers’ themselves, not oppressive and exploitative agents. The working class taken in the most general sense means those who partake in truly productive work – employees, farmers, scientists – which under Libertarian Communism, will indefinitely be the master of managing, directing and regulating the process of production. We want the distinction between those who give orders and those who carry them out to be abolished. In such an end to: Authority, Domination and Privilege. Government would pass from being centrally administered nation-states consisting of executive and legislative bodies to a federally organized confederation of directly democratic councils both executive and legislative at the same time. In Libertarian Communism, true democracy becomes an everyday operation. In place of Capitalist society, with its classes and distinctions, we shall have a free association in which the free development the individual is the condition for the free development of all.

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