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We hooligans have been hittin the streets the last few days plastering these (and a few others) around town. The Anti – Police Poster can be found in our resource section along with an Anti – Capitalist Poster. The Queer Liberation poster was found on the Occupy May Day site (along with a nifty Starbucks poster that was pasted to the walls of the Starbucks smashed by the (A) team in February). With Ron Flashour reinstated and May Day approaching the time for mass propaganda and outreach into the broader community is essential. Our latest campaign is put a small piece of the work that needs to be done. In other news, Steelworkers are on Strike at the Port and East County Teachers are taking a strike vote, hoorah for class strugglzzz.

A General Strike in the air? We hope so!




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A General Strike.. in my Country? 5 Myths of the May Day “General Strike”.

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“Let’s Break Their Haughty Power” Volume 2 is out!

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A chat with our friends at the Portland Solidarity Network…

As more and more of the population are subsumed to precarious and casualized work positions new forms of organizations are arising to reverse the one sided class oppression of tenants and employers. Such groups are solidarity networks. The tactic of Solidarity Networks is “flying pickets”. Contrary to the classical picket line a flying picket includes workers who don’t belong to the particular workplace or industry in negotiation, students and the unemployed. In workplaces where the workforce is small or weak, a flying picket can lend its numbers and mass to a picketline. In times of high unemployment and underemployment Capitalism renders a pool of idle labor which can be dedicated to the formation of such Flying Pickets – viz. “Capitalism creates its own Gravedigger”.

We got a chance to talk to Brandon of the Portland based Solidarity network, who have expanded their horizons to anti – eviction and tenants’ rights work. No doubt there is a new avenue of Class Struggle arising at home, and this Network is taking the forefront of that struggle. GET INVOLVED!

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Cascadia Allies!

Want to get involved? Want to know more about the group?

We are looking for writers and artists to contribute to our project for deepening International Class Struggle along Libertarian Communist terms.

Shoot us an email: autonomousworkersgroup@gmail.com

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Reportback from the “End the Camping Ban” Rally and March

First, A quick run-down in the “tactical” developments within Occupy. Certainly the post – eviction period of Occupy changed the political climate towards a more radical perception of the Police as fundamentally agents against the Working Class in the interests of the so called “1%”. The Shutdown of the Ports and a few Solidarity marches with Oakland organized by the “Hella 503 Collective” – an amalgamation of anti – capitalist, anti – authoritarian and just plain Occupy activists dedicated to an escalation of tactics – changed the game as far as tactics go towards more radical messaging and defense in street demos. At previous mass marches by Occupy Portland, particularly N.17 and a Solidarity march with Tahrir Square there had been heavy accounts of Police Brutality preying on amateur or weak protesters.  So when the F. 29 national call to action organized by the “Portland Action Lab” – an organizing arm of Occupy Portland – came around, the Hella 503 collective was enlisted to provide defense for the march. We built reinforced banners to prevent “snatch and grabs” and crash through police lines and well, it worked. About 30 people blocked up at the front of the March caring banners rolled through police lines and defended protesters.

Here is a Picture from F. 29

Here is from March 25th:
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Beneath the Pavement

Detailing the Historical Struggle of the Commons, and its relevancy in the light of the Occupy Wall St. Movement
The struggle over public space has been a long one.  On the one hand, there are the forces of control.  There are commercial interests which see the commons as theirs – to transport their goods, to advertise and sell their products, to facilitate the functional operation of the machine.  Acting on their behalf are the police and politicians, who enforce this relationship of the public to the commons by criminalizing those who would dare to re-imagine a different use for it.  They have had centuries to perfect the practice of maintaining order and compelling obedience.But wherever there are those who seek control over others, inevitably movements of resistance arise, movements aimed at liberating public space from capitalists and authoritarians.  The Diggers, in 1649, had already started to challenge the hegemony of the ruling class over the commons, declaring their right to make use of it to feed themselves.  They were eventually crushed by landowners and the government.  Since then, the struggles can be traced, linking the Diggers with the Paris Commune, the Paris Commune with the Oakland Commune.  And before, after, and in between, lay all of the small forgotten acts of rebellion, uncountable but building towards the same end.
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